Pictures and Birthday


Quite a while ago I bought a new camera: a Fuji XF10. It was compact. That was important to me because I prefer to travel light. According to the reviews I read it was supposed to be an excellent camera in low-light situations. I wanted to take pictures at events (Water Street Writers, concerts at the Venue, readings...). What I did not know before buying the camera was that it did not have stabilization -- so any tiny movement caused the picture to be blurry. Even with my monopod, I struggled to get a clear shot in low-light environments. Just recently I decided I must not be doing something right. I'm know; I'm a bit slow. I did some research and realized I needed a very fast shutter speed to make this work. The same article recommended I set the camera to black & white, which I like anyway. I went to Kiss the Sky on Sunday, November 12th, to watch the jazz trio Luxure. I set the camera to black & white and a shutter speed of 1/320 of a second. I let the camera decide the ISO and aperture settings. I got clear pictures! 


Today, Tuesday -- Novermber 14, is my birthday. I turn 67 today.  I tell myself that only the birthdays that end in 0 or 5 matter, but this one is bothering me. Everything is OK. I feel good today. I have no major health issues right now. I'm OK financially. I have friends and things to do. I shouldn't feel bad about getting older, but today I do. Dwelling on the passing of time is not healthy. I will get over it. I'll start a new project of some sort (maybe I'll pick up my guitar again and try that out) and the act of creating something will overcome any ennui I may be feeling right now. It's only a matter of time.


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