Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Odds & Ends: October 25, 2022


We've had a string of sunny fall days with brilliant blue skies. But, this is also what an autumn day in Illinois looks like. We really need the rain, so it's all good.


We're 7 games into the football season and the Bears are not dead to me. Who would have guessed that the Bears and the Packers would have the same win-loss record this far into the season?

Sturdy Shelter Brewery

It's raining out and 52 degrees. This is a perfect day to spend inside a nice bar and pretend to get some writing done. Batavia has the perfect place: Sturdy Shelter Brewery. They brew beer on the premises. They have food brought in some days, but not every day. In any case, Abby the bartender told me I can bring food in with me and order a beer and have lunch! A Big Mac and fries plus a delicious small craft beer sounds wonderful. The music is on, but not so loud you can't hold a conversation without yelling. The lighting is perfect. They have 5 tables along the windows on Shumway and more window tables at the other end of the building overlooking the river. 

I had a Robustacious Imperial Red and it was really good. I'll be going back. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Kevin! Glad to hear of Sturdy Shelter. It sounds like just the kind of place Alistair and I will be looking for in December. Hope it inspires a good short story or two 😁 Cathy